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#TPO Concept cheek styling book

Style cheek makeup with the look book palette containing S/S season trendy colors.
It suggests various cheek makeup looks according to the mood of the day and schedule.

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    Volume 24g
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    Expiration Date 개봉전36/개봉후24
    How to Use With a brush, take an appropriate amount and gently sweep along the contour of the face.
    신세계인터코스코리아 / KOREA / ESPOIR
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    Precautions details
    Quality assurance standards If the product has any defects, you will be indemnified as set forth by the Korea Fair Trade Commission.
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Autumn #MOTD Palette

Two types of look book palette for this F/W season can be used by makeup beginners as well.

OCT 16 2018

Autumn #MOTD Palette

Two types of look book palette for this F/W season can be used by makeup beginners as well. The eye look book consisting of 16 types of trendy colors can express one interesting look as each color in the palette expresses a fashion item. The 6-color cheek look book consists of colors suitable for TPO, so it reduces worries about what color to wear daily. Enjoy various F/W moods with two types of look book palette that will take care of your makeup this season.

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