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      Ingredient info
      This product information is put together in accordance with [the notification on the provision of product information such as e-commerce of the fair trade committee].
      Product Name
      Volume LIKE IT / 8.5g
      PEACH AWESOME / 8.5g
      CHILLIN CHILLIN / 8.5g
      NUTTY / 8.5g
      VAMPY / 8.5g
      PINK PUNCH / 8.5g
      COSMOPOLITAN / 8.5g
      Lavender quartz / 8.5g
      Major product spec
      [skin type, color(no.) etc.]
      Expiration Date
      How to Use
      / /
      Main ingredients All ingredients
      Precautions details
      Quality assurance standards If the product has any defects, you will be indemnified as set forth by the Korea Fair Trade Commission.
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        • You must also return samples and free gifts together.
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        • If you opened the package and as a result, goods went down in value.
        • If you have used goods in whole or in parts and as a results, their value went down.
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